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September 19, 2020

10 Tips for Roof Cleaning in Bradenton, FL

Roof cleaning of a Bradenton, FL, home is vital, to remove storm debris as well as sand, silt, and gritty debris. Roof washing also kills growing mold and algae, creating cleaner outdoor air while improving curb appeal in an instant!

Despite its importance, many homeowners put off roof cleaning for Bradenton, FL, homes or fail to manage this task at all! To ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your home in good condition, note some tips for proper roof washing as well as some reasons why this work is so vital for your house.

1. Before Roof Cleaning in Bradenton, Rake or Sweep That Roof!

As with cleaning interior floors, your first step before roof washing in Bradenton is to sweep or rake that roof. You can buy or sometimes even rent a roof rake or broom from local hardware or home improvement stores, often used to remove snow and ice. Roof raking or sweeping removes loose debris while also pulling up mold, moss, and algae, making cleaning easier.

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2. Avoid High-Pressure Roof Washing in Bradenton

To clean a roof, a homeowner might be tempted to rent pressure washing equipment and use as much pressure as possible to wash away storm debris, algae, and other residues from the roof. However, high pressure also means stripping away asphalt shingle granules while also loosening tiles, shingles, and flashing.

Soft wash systems are often recommended for roof washing in Bradenton, as this cleaning process starts with specialty cleansers that dissolve thick dirt and dust. Once dissolved, only a low-pressure rinse is needed to wash away that residue. Soft wash pressure washing is then a safe yet effective means of roof washing in Bradenton, FL.

3. Use the Right Detergents for Roof Cleaning in Bradenton

While some chemical cleaners are effective at removing layers of dirt and dust from asphalt shingles and clay tiles, they can also damage metal roofs and their connectors! Other detergents might be needed for killing mold spores and growing algae. To ensure a thorough yet safe clean, use the cleanser meant for your roof materials and residues needing cleaning.

4. Use the Right Angle for Roof Washing in Bradenton

When washing a home’s exterior walls, it’s best to start cleaning from the bottom of the house and then work your way up, to loosen dirt and grime. However, when washing a roof in Bradenton, you need to start at the top of the roof and work your way down, to avoid loosening tiles and shingles and ensure you remove all dirt, cleanser, and rinse water.

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Using the wrong angle for roof washing in Bradenton increases the risk of damage to roof shingle and tile connectors and of getting dirt, cleanser, and water trapped between and underneath tiles. Use a downward angle instead, to protect the roof from damage and ensure a thorough clean and rinse.

5. Include Eaves and Overhangs With Roof Cleaning in Bradenton

A home’s roof is more than just the surface area facing the sky! Roof eaves and overhangs need cleaning as often as its face, as these commonly grow mold, moss, mildew, and algae. Those residues then spread to shingles and tiles, resulting in damage.

Roof eaves and overhangs are also very visible from the street; when these areas are dirty, they detract from your property’s curb appeal. Keeping those areas clean provides a pristine appearance for your home, making its entire exterior look like new.

6. Don’t Overlook Gutters Either When Cleaning a Bradenton Roof!

Gutters collect rainwater from a home’s roof, directing that water to nearby downspouts; in turn, those downspouts direct that water away from the home. Clogged gutters allow for standing water which is then absorbed by roof shingles and eaves, leading to damage and the risk of mold and algae growth.

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Clogged gutters also allow rainwater to wash over their sides and down exterior walls, and to then puddle around the foundation, risking stains and water damage. To avoid that damage, include gutter cleaning in Bradenton when you schedule roof washing for your home.

7. Your Home Probably Needs Annual Roof Washing

Homes around the country usually need roof washing every other year or even every three years. However, airborne sand, silt, and other gritty debris common with Florida homes often needs annual roof washing for complete removal. The tourism industry and large number of boaters in the state also means lots of soot and other debris landing on area roofs.

In turn, your home might benefit from annual Bradenton roof washing. Yearly roof cleaning washes away all that sandy debris as well as drying soot and fumes, keeping roofing materials in good condition and ensuring your home looks its best.

8. Stains Don’t Need Aggressive Roof Cleaning

When trying to clean away water or soot stains, layers of thick dirt, algae, and other such debris, you want to avoid aggressive roof cleaning on a Bradenton home! Scrubbing roof shingles and tiles will typically scrub away granules on asphalt shingles and loosen tiles, shingles, flashing, and other roofing materials. Using the right cleansers makes quick work of dissolving thick dirt and stains, for a safe clean, free of damage.

9. Even a New Roof Needs Regular Washing

Homeowners sometimes assume that a new roof doesn’t need regular washing. However, keep in mind that airborne dirt and pollution doesn’t discriminate when it comes to where it lands! A newer roof might be in better condition than an older roof but it will still need regular washing and cleaning, to keep it free of storm debris and ensure it looks its best.

10. Roof Cleaning in Bradenton Is Best Done By the Pros!

If Bradenton roof cleaning sounds a bit complicated and harder than you expected, you’re certainly not alone! Safe, effective roof washing means using the right cleansers and pressure washing equipment, with the right techniques, while still keeping yourself safe.

To ensure a proper clean for your home, rely on a Bradenton power washing contractor. It’s also best to call a company that offers soft wash cleaning, for a gentle clean that won’t damage shingles or tiles. You can then rest assured you’ll receive a quality roof cleaning in Bradenton without the worry of damage.

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