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July 22, 2019

Handy Tips for Pool Deck Cleaning in Bradenton

It’s vital that homeowners schedule pool deck cleaning in Bradenton when needed, as damaging sand, silt, and other gritty debris are typically left behind after Florida storms, working their way into the pits and pores of concrete and paver stones. Moss, mold, algae, and other residues are not just unsightly but they’re also downright dangerous for walking!

While cleaning a pool deck with a pressure washer in Bradenton or just using your garden hose seems like an easy task, this process is actually more complicated than many homeowners realize. Sidewalk and driveway pressure washing in Bradenton is also typically messy and difficult, and can be ineffective if you don’t use the proper tools and methods. To better understand how to clean a concrete deck around a pool in Bradenton, note some vital information about Bradenton power washing and soft wash systems.

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Why You Need Pool Deck Cleaning in Bradenton

Sand and silt are abrasive and damaging to concrete and paver stones, as said. However, note some added reasons you need regular pool deck cleaning in Bradenton:

  • Consistent pool deck cleaning protects against the damage caused by chlorine and other pool chemicals that settle onto a deck in your yard. These chemicals are caustic to concrete and stone, drying those materials and increasing the risk of cracks, spalling, and other imperfections.
  • Moss and algae are also common in Florida and will grow easily around your pool if you neglect regular pool deck cleaning in Bradenton. These and other forms of vegetation grow through concrete and stone, leading to cracks and breakage. They’re also very slippery underfoot!
  • Regular Bradenton concrete pool deck cleaning exposes areas of damage to concrete and patio pavers, so you can patch the concrete or replace patio stones as needed.
  • Cleaning a concrete deck in Bradenton also removes residual lawn care chemicals and fertilizers, reducing the risk of premature damage to the concrete.
  • Dirt, dust, sand, and other debris around a pool deck eventually make their way into the pool itself, clogging the filter and collecting around the walls of the pool. Neglecting proper power washing of a concrete pool deck in Bradenton means you’ll need to replace your pool filter and clean the pool more often!

How to Clean a Concrete Deck Around a Pool in Bradenton

Bradenton pool deck cleaning should start with a thorough removal of all loose dirt, vegetation, gravel, and other debris. Invest in a heavy-duty outdoor broom and sweep away as much residues as possible. If there is vegetation growing through concrete expansion joints or between patio pavers, take a few minutes to pull those weeds or tear them up with a garden rake and then sweep them away.

Once you’ve swept your concrete pool deck, you’ll want to rinse it thoroughly with a garden hose. Use a nozzle attachment for a high-pressure spray. Be sure to give the spray time to dislodge all the sand, silt, and other debris from the surface of concrete as possible. Avoid lingering over expansion joints and other areas with exposed soil, so you don’t create a muddy mess while pool deck cleaning a Bradenton home.

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Using Detergent for Pool Deck Cleaning in Bradenton

One mistake homeowners often make when tackling a DIY pool deck cleaning in Bradenton is using plain water and not a detergent or surfactant, or they will use the wrong type of cleanser for their deck. It’s vital that you choose a surfactant meant for your pool deck material in particular, be that plain concrete, painted concrete, patio stone, flagstone, brick, or another material.

Mix your detergent for Bradenton pool deck cleaning according to the package; it’s then useful to simply dump it by the bucketful onto your deck! Let the cleanser sit for several minutes so it can dissolve sand and dirt. Use a scrub brush if directed on the package and keep the brush moving in a swirling motion, ensuring you get into the cracks and crevices of the deck surface.

Rinsing After Cleaning a Concrete Pool Deck in Bradenton

Homeowners often get so busy with cleaning a concrete pool deck in Bradenton that they allow detergent and soapy water to dry on the surface of concrete or patio pavers before rinsing it away. However, leaving dried surfactants on concrete and especially under the hot Florida sun can dry that surface and cause it to become brittle, leading to premature cracks!

When cleaning a concrete pool deck in Bradenton, work in small sections so you can scrub the deck and then rinse that soapy water before it dries. Remember that you want to take your time to rinse the surfactants completely, removing dirt and cleanser from all the crevices of concrete and between patio pavers and stones. Let the water saturate any dried cleanser so it’s rinsed away thoroughly and effectively.

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Why Choose Bradenton Power Washing for Pool Deck Cleaning

While DIY pool deck cleaning in Bradenton seems simple enough, it’s recommended that you choose professional residential power washing on a regular basis and especially soft wash systems for a Bradenton area home. A power washing company near Bradenton offers many benefits over trying to clean a pool deck on your own, including:

  • Soft wash cleaning eliminates the risk of splashing and splattering dirty water around your property, ensuring your pool water and lawn are protected from damage.
  • Soft wash low-pressure power washing won’t dislodge patio pavers and other stonework around your pool deck.
  • A residential power washing contractor has experience in cleaning caked-on dirt and mud as well as sand and silt that have worked their way into all the cracks and crevices of concrete and patio pavers.
  • A professional power washing company specializing in concrete pool deck cleaning in Bradenton uses specialty scrub brushes meant for concrete and patio pavers in particular. Specialty brushes scrub away dirt and grime without damaging painted concrete or delicate and brittle stones and pavers.

Hiring a professional for pool deck cleaning in Bradenton also means a job done right, without spending your precious weekend hours scrubbing concrete under the hot Florida sun!

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