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July 11, 2020

How Often Should You Schedule Roof Cleaning?

If you’re a homeowner who has put off regular roof cleaning, you’re certainly not alone! When planning a thorough spring cleaning or getting the home ready for outdoor entertaining, a homeowner often overlooks the need for roof washing, gutter cleaning, and other such work. This can be a costly mistake!

Schedule roof cleaning every other year or every three years unless your home has an increased risk of added dirt and grime on the roof. This includes homes near busy roadways and airports, homes often covered in storm debris, and houses near lots of mature trees.

There are a few added risk factors that make it necessary to schedule roof cleaning more often than average, and some precautions you might consider against trying to manage this work on your own! Exterior house washing isn’t always as easy as homeowners might assume and improper techniques might result in severe property damage.

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Along with regular roof cleaning, you might note some other power washing services that keep a property clean and pristine and in good condition, and that protect a home and surrounding surfaces from damage. You can then discuss your options with power washing companies near you and ensure you’re making the best decision for your house and property!

How Often Should You Schedule Residential Roof Washing?

Most homeowners find that roof washing every other year or every three years is typically sufficient for their home. However, note some added risk factors that might indicate it’s best to schedule roof cleaning more often, meaning annually or even twice every year, for your property, and why this added cleaning is needed.

  • Airports, marinas, highways, and production facilities often produce tremendous amounts of soot that then settles onto nearby residential rooftops. That soot dries out shingles and tiles, making them brittle and more prone to cracking and breaking. It’s also very unsightly! If your home is near any such facility and the roof is often covered in soot, consider roof washing every year or as often as needed to keep it clean.
  • Mature trees add lot of stunning visual appeal to a property but they also drop lots of seeds, twigs, moss, acorns, sap, and other residues onto residential rooftops. Those residues dry out shingles and also wedge their way between shingles and tiles, loosening them and increasing the risk of having them blow away in a storm.
  • Tree residues also make their way into a home’s gutters, increasing the risk of clogs and resultant water damage along exterior walls and windows. Regular roof washing keeps those residues off the roof and out of gutters, protecting both areas from potential damage.
  • Areas prone to strong storms also mean lots of residue on nearby roofs! Rain and high winds pull leaves, twigs, and other debris off trees and deposit them onto roofs, where they become damaging and unsightly. If you live in an area with a strong stormy season or have gone through a major storm, consider roof washing to remove layers of damaging residues.
  • Coastal, tropical, or desert areas typically mean layers of sand, silt, and other gritty residues building up on nearby rooftops. That gritty residue is just as damaging as storm and tree debris. If you live in a desert area or near any major body of water, consider more frequent roof washing to remove all that debris.
  • Humid environments also encourage mold, mildew, algae, and moss growth along a home’s exterior, including the roof. These residues work their way under and around shingles, tile, flashing, and other materials, risking damage. Algae also literally eats away at asphalt shingles! If your home is in a humid area and especially if you already notice any of these residues growing along outside walls or the roof eaves, consider more frequent roof washing for your home.
  • If your home’s interior is more dusty than average, there’s a good chance the roof is covered in dust and other debris as well! Construction zones, production facilities and warehouses, and other such situations often create added airborne dust that settles onto nearby houses. If you need to dust inside more often than once per week, chances are your home needs roof cleaning more often than once every few years!
  • A working fireplace in the home, an outdoor grill on the patio, and other sources of smoke also mean lots of residues on a home’s roof. If you notice smoke stains along exterior walls and windows, this often indicates thick smoke on the roof and the need for consistent roof cleaning.

Why Avoid DIY Roof Washing

Roof washing and other pressure washing services often look easy enough; simply rent a power washer, hook it to a water source, add some detergent to the tank or attached contained, and start spraying! While the process might look simple and straightforward, this is also a surefire way to damage roofing tiles as well as other surfaces on your property.

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First note that most roofs and other such surfaces don’t need tremendous amounts of pressure from a power washer to remove dirt and debris. To fight stubborn stains or built-up, caked-on dirt, it’s often better to choose a more effective detergent than to use more power! Too much pressure means loosening roofing tiles, shingles, flashing, and other materials, while also potentially etching and chipping brick chimney stacks and exterior roof vents.

Standard pressure washing services also tend to strip granules from roofing shingles. Those granules prevent standing water, reducing the risk of water damage on the roof, and provide added traction for roof repair professionals. It doesn’t take much pressure to wash them off shingles, which is why roof cleaning is best left to experienced pros!

Regular Power Washing Services Your Home Needs!

In addition to roof cleaning, your home and property might benefit from many other power washing services. Regular pressure washing around your property removes damaging dirt, gritty debris, corrosive motor oil, unsightly and unhealthy mold, and many other residues. Power washing services also restore the color and appearance of brick, concrete, siding, and other such materials.

  • Regular gutter cleaning removes dirt, silt, mud, and other built-up grime that leads to clogs and resultant water damage along exterior walls. Professional gutter washing also keeps you from having to manage this messy job yourself!
  • Exterior house washing cleans away dirt, mud, and other grime from brick and siding, protecting those surfaces from water damage while improving curb appeal in an instant.
  • Driveway pressure washing removes corrosive motor oil and other automotive fluids as well as lawn care chemicals, fertilizers, and unsightly stains. You might be surprised at how fresh and clean your driveway and, in turn, your property’s exterior looks after driveway pressure washing services.
  • Patio paver cleaning and sealing removes gritty residues, soot and smoke from outdoor grills, and slick mud and moss from paver stones. Sealing adds a layer of protection over those stones, reducing the risk of damage and keeping them looking their best over the years.
  • Professional window washing cleans away gritty sand, silt, and other residues, protecting outside glass and ensuring a gorgeous view from inside the home! Regular window washing also cleans away cobwebs and other debris from screens, providing for improved indoor air quality when you keep those windows open.

How Much Should Roof Cleaning Cost?

Power washing services might charge by the square foot rather or the hour, depending on the levels of dirt needing cleaning and other such factors! Average roof cleaning costs range from $150 to $250 or $300, with a larger home and extremely filthy roof costing upwards of $800 or $1000 clean.

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While average roof cleaning costs might seem steep to some homeowners, keep in mind its benefits and a roof replacement cost as well. Regular roof cleaning is a fraction of the cost of a new roof and of replacing shingles and flashing due to damage caused by dirt and grit. Your improved curb appeal also makes your roof cleaning costs well worth the investment!

Related Questions

What is the difference between pressure and power washing services?

Pressure washing refers to any service using increased or concentrated water pressure. Power washing uses hot water rather than tepid or room temperature water. Power washing with hot water is an excellent choice for dissolving grease, oil, and other such stains.

What are soft wash cleaning systems?

A soft wash cleaning starts with specialty solvents or surfactants, designed to dissolve thick dirt and debris. Once dissolved, that debris only needs a low-pressure wash to rinse it away. Soft wash systems are an excellent choice for roofs, as they decrease the risk of loosening shingles and other such damage.

Is roof cleaning damaging to a home?

Homeowners are often under the mistaken impression that pressure washing services are damaging to a home and especially a roof. However, roof washing is safe when done correctly! To avoid the potential for damaged or loosened shingles during roof cleaning, rely on a pro to get the job done right.

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