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January 21, 2019

Top Reasons to Hire a Residential Pressure Washing Company

Don't overlook needed residential pressure washing for your home and property! Your home's exterior walls, windows, roof, timber decking, and other surfaces and items on your property need regular power washing, as does lawn care equipment, your automotive tools, a boat, and much more. A homeowner should also leave this job to a professional rather than buying a power washer and trying to tackle their home's needed cleaning on their own.

A homeowner should hire a residential pressure washing company to protect their property from damage due to dirt, mud, mold, and other such contaminants. Regular, professional power washing improves a home's appearance while also reducing the need for otherwise unnecessary repairs, allows you to enjoy outdoor areas such as a patio and pool, and can even protect a home's value.

There are many reasons why a homeowner should consider hiring a pressure washing company on a regular basis, and why they should never try to tackle this type of work on their own. Note a bit more vital information about residential power washing and its benefits, so you know you're doing everything possible to protect your house, tools, lawn care equipment, and all other exterior surfaces around your property.

Professional Pressure Washing Protects Your Property's Value

Caked-on mud, dirt, mold, and other such grime is not only unsightly, but this residue also erodes and otherwise causes damage to a home's roofing shingles and roof paper, exterior walls, outside windows, concrete, timber decking, and other such surfaces. Mud and mold hold moisture that softens brick, concrete, and wood, causing these materials to crumble or crack and buckle.

Along the home's exterior, crumbled and cracked brick walls or a concrete foundation can result in water seeping into the house. These water leaks lead to damage around the home's wood framework and future mold growth. Cracks in the home's exterior also let out your heating and air conditioning while letting in cold air or heat and humidity, resulting in an uncomfortable interior and a spike in your utility bills!

Damage caused by a build-up of dirty residue on the outside of your home can also mean the need for earlier and more frequent home and property repairs, including patches along the foundation or brick walls. Needed repairs mean more work for you, as well as a potential decrease in your property's overall value! Professional residential power washing will remove ground-in dirt and dust, restoring your property's appearance and protecting its overall condition and value.

Power Washers Are Harder to Manage Than You Realize!

Power washing is vital for protecting your property's condition, appearance, and overall value, but it's not a DIY job! Pressure washers are often much more difficult to manage than many homeowners realize, and it's easy to have the hose of a power washer get away from you while it's in use, so that you wind up damaging landscaping features or other nearby items. An inexperienced homeowner might also allow puddles to form on the lawn, damaging the grass and soil and washing away seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals, while leaving behind an unsightly mess.

Improper use of a hot water pressure washer can also result in painful burns, while water splatters are dangerous to your eyes and skin. A homeowner not skilled in the use of a power washer can also injure someone standing nearby, including a child or pet! It’s better to simply use professional pressure washing companies near Bradenton as needed than risk this type of injury to yourself or someone else.

While a gas-powered power washer produces more water pressure than an electric model, and many surfaces outside the home require this increased pressure for a thorough cleaning, a gas-powered washer also needs consistent maintenance, including changing the fuel and oil and other internal parts. It's usually much easier for a homeowner to call a pressure washing company when needed than to try to maintain their own pressure washing equipment throughout the year.

Effective Power Washing Takes Experience

Properly power washing a home's exterior takes both experience and know-how. For example, using the wrong detergent on a wood deck, or not rinsing away a cleanser before it dries, can cause timber to discolor, dry out, and crack. On the other hand, not using any detergent on especially filthy exterior surfaces, such as mildewed timber and pitted concrete or stone patio pavers caked with dirt and mud, can result in a poor-quality cleaning job.

Pressure washers also come with a wide variety of nozzles, each of which controls the water's pressure and flow rate. Using the wrong nozzle while cleaning can mean not having enough pressure to clean a home's exterior properly, whereas too much pressure can result in chipped paint, loosened roofing shingles, damage to downspout connectors, dislodged patio pavers, and even broken windows. The right nozzle, however, can allow a professional pressure washer to finish the job quickly and easily.

Experienced contractors from pressure washing companies near Bradenton will also ensure that pressure washing doesn't leave behind more of a mess than when he or she began, being careful to rinse the water away from your lawn and landscaping features and toward the street. A professional will also ensure that nearby items, such as patio furniture, firewood, a car parked in the driveway, and the like, are adequately covered and protected from the water's spray and any resultant splatter.

Every Surface and Outdoor Item Needs Power Washing

It might be obvious that your home's exterior walls and windows need regular residential power washing, but a professional power washer can also ensure that many of your property's other outdoor surfaces and items are always clean and pristine, and protected from damage due to a buildup of mud, dirt, dust, and mold. Note some other surfaces and outdoors items that you might have a professional power washing company address, to ensure these items are always in good condition:

  • Professional pool deck cleaning protects the concrete or timber decking around your home's pool from damage due to mud, dirt, chlorine, and other residues and pool chemicals. Regular cleaning of a home's pool deck also ensures the surface is dry and safe, and not slick and slippery due to mold, mud, and the like.
  • Concrete power washing removes built-up mud and dirt that often softens a concrete driveway, walkway, patio, and other such surfaces. Regular, professional power washing can also reveal areas of concrete that need patching and other repairs and will restore the look of painted or stained concrete.
  • Power washing or soft wash cleaning with a strong surfactant will remove motor oil and other automotive fluids from an asphalt driveway, protecting this paving material from potential potholes and other damage.
  • Pressure washing a timber deck removes mold, mildew, mud, dust, and other debris that is too thick for a standard broom or hose to remove. A garden hose also does not provide enough pressure to clean built-up debris from timber's cracks, crevices, corners, and other such areas, and plain water does not kill mold spores or stop the growth of mildew along a deck's surface.
  • Soft wash cleaning a home's gutters will remove built-up mud, silt, dirt, and other debris from a home's exterior gutters, reducing the risk of clogs and overflows. Soft cleaning systems used by a power washing company won't pull gutters or their connectors away from a home's roof or cause damage to older, rusted gutters and downspouts.
  • A thorough power washing of a home's foundation can remove termite tunnels and also expose cracks and other such damage in need of immediate repair. Washing the eaves or undersides of roofs also removes insect nests and cobwebs, reducing the risk of those bothersome insects making their way inside the home and becoming a nuisance to your family and pests.
  • Washing a boat, outboard engines, lawn mower, weed trimmers, hand-held clippers, automotive tools, and other such items removes damaging grass clippings, baked-on mud and dirt, automotive oil, and other such debris. Tools will be protected from early damage while a clean boat and motor are more comfortable to transport the next time you want to enjoy some time on the water!
  • Power washing removes years of built-up dirt, silt, mud, dust, food debris, oil, and other such residues from barbecues and grills and their accessories, camping gear and equipment, patio furniture, and other outdoor items.

Related Questions

How often should a home be power washed?

Power washing a residential home should be done at least annually, and more often if your home is located in an area with strong storms that tend to deposit dirt, silt, and other debris along a house exterior.

What is better for a home's windows, power washing or the squeegee method?

A homeowner should never try to wash exterior windows themselves, as it's easy to shatter or damage window glass. A professional power washing contractor can note the best method for cleaning a home's windows, based on their condition and amount of dirt covering the glass.

Can you power wash painted concrete?

Painted concrete can be cleaned with a power washer as long as the paint is in good condition and has not started to peel, crack, or chip. A professional power washer can note the best method for cleaning painted concrete, to protect the paint and ensure a thorough clean.

Is a soft wash system effective for exterior house cleaning or roof cleaning?
A soft wash system is more effective for cleaning built-up debris than standard residential pressure washing, as a soft wash uses special surfactants that dissolve thick grime. These detergents also seep into exterior walls, roofs, and concrete surfaces, removing hard-to-reach debris.

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