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July 22, 2019

What to Do in Palmetto, Florida

Palmetto, Florida, is a beautiful city just south of St. Petersburg and right off of Tampa Bay, offering some amazing attractions for residents and tourists who want to enjoy time by the water and amazing sights inland! If you’re planning a visit to Palmetto FL anytime soon, and even if you’ve lived in the area for years, you might check out these suggestions for area attractions. This will ensure you don’t miss anything in the beautiful city during your time there!

1. The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

If you love marine life but aren’t quite ready to go diving, you can visit the Bishop Museum of Science and Nature and enjoy it from the safety of the museum floor! The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature offers a variety of marine life on display in their large aquarium as well as a planetarium and dioramas for even more enjoyment. The museum also shows a number of films that make for an educational as well as enjoyable visit.

2. DeSoto National Memorial Park

The DeSoto National Memorial Park is an outdoor park with exhibits and plenty of open shoreline that offer a full day’s worth of attractions! There are also nature trails that you can follow while still hearing the ocean in the background and soaking up some Florida sun. Pack your camping gear and spend some time at their campground on the beach as well, a perfect attraction for those looking for a beautiful vacation in the sun.

3. Emerson Point Preserve

Emerson Point Preserve offers hundreds of acres of nature you can explore and enjoy, including a Native American mound and lots of lush wildlife. Emerson Point Preserve is also a plant preserve so you’re sure to find all the greenery you need to help you relax while enjoying the beautiful weather.

4. Snead Island

Snead Island is primarily a residential location but there is a nature preserve for visitors and Native American mounds you might visit and enjoy. The island is known for being quiet and peaceful and a great spot for exploring whether you’re a resident or tourist!

5. Sutton Park

Sutton Park offers a number of historical buildings and landmarks that offer interactive exhibits and educational materials and tours. There are also regular events scheduled throughout the year for true history buffs and those who love classic architecture from times gone by! Bring your camera and get some great pictures of the beautiful homes and other structures and enjoy a full day touring when you visit Sutton Park.

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