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ProClean EcoWash (Patent Pending)

Bleach-Free, Environmentally-Friendly Roof Cleaning by ProClean

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Eco-Friendly Solution

Non-toxic and safe for homes, families, pets, and everything around the property.
No More Algae!

Prevent Problem Areas

Your surfaces will be protected and remain stunning with just one treatment annually.

Maintenance Plans

Members of our maintenance plan will never have to pay for power washing the old way again!
Use Less

Save the Planet!

We use 10 gals less product on average for 2,000 square foot of surface area! 

Does Your Roof Need EcoWash?

EcoWash kills mold over time, but it's best used as a preventative!

Is Your Roof Clean Now?

We may apply a one-time chlorine based pressure washing service depending on how dirty your roof is currently. That will ensure immediate efficacy. It is sometimes unavoidable, however, our goal is to stop using chlorine based products because of the potential negative side effects.

So, if you roof has organic growth, now is the ideal time to get on our EcoWash system maintenance plan. If growth is too much to treat, don't worry. We'll make sure this is the last time you ever require bleach!

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Our EcoWash is Guaranteed

A Simple Process

We're revolutionizing the pressure washing industry.
Step 1.


The EcoWash solution is applied and absorbed by the mold upon application.
Step 2.


Biostatic technology activates and it starts to destroy mold over time.
Step 3.


A re-application every 12 months protects your property. Never pay for power washing again!

Redefined Exterior Power Washing

Biostatic cleaning affects the behavior of mold, without the need for bleach or dangerous chemicals. (Patent Pending)

Considering ProClean EcoWash?

Don't wait until your home is already covered in moss, mold, and other organic matter before getting a potentially harmful pressure washing service. That's when you can expect to have dangerous chemicals sprayed all over your surfaces that you and your family are in contact with daily.

ProClean EcoWash is the first environmentally-safe, bleach alternative for pressure washing product of its kind. It delivers cleaning without the dangers associated with powerful bleach cleanings. It kills mold, mildew, and algae with it's time-release action and acts as a preventative that is safe for any exterior surface, plants, pets, kids, and more.
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Safe, non-toxic formula for:
All exterior surfaces (roofing, siding, pavers, wood, metal, etc.)
Every live landscaping feature
Family and pet friendly
100% SAFE for everything!


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FAQs About EcoWash

How long until it works?

ProClean EcoWash doesn't "kill" mold instantly. It is a biostatic formula, which inhibits the multiplication of an organism. The timeframe will really depend on the condition of the surface. Request a quote, and we'll assess the situation and give you a free estimate!

How does it happen?

Mold, mildew, and algae actually eat the solution thinking it's sugar! The mold is then unable to reproduce, dies off, and won't grow on that surface for up to a year!

What are the pros of EcoWash vs. traditional pressure washing?

Safer for your exterior surfaces, plants, pets, and kids, longer-lasting, and better for the environment. For maintenance, once a year applications will prevent regrowth, eliminate the need for power washing, and saves you money.

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