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Our Service Areas for Pressure Washing Span Manatee & Sarasota Counties

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We have worked for almost two decades to become the forefront pressure washing company in Bradenton and the surrounding areas. Unlike most roof cleaning, window cleaning services and exterior house cleaning companies we don’t employ a high-pressure power wash system. Instead we prefer our soft wash and softwash system for all of our Bradenton pressure washing services.

High-pressure washing systems often cause damage to the surfaces that are being cleaned, causing cracks in windows and gutters when undergoing a gutter cleaning service and damaging roof tiles and shingle. High-pressure washes also strip house exteriors of any protective layers they have and can remove paintwork from painted surfaces and fences. The last reason high-pressure washing is not for us is based on our location in Bradenton, because of the coastal area, a lot of sand is washed away from surfaces and this is abrasive when done at high pressure.

Instead we use an innovative soft wash system that results in a cleaner surface and also protects the surfaces that are being cleaned. This is important when you’re attempting to pressure wash a house as it will keep the surfaces in structure in a more robust condition and eliminate the likelihood of long-term maintenance or repair costs.

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We have a full range of pressure washing services including:

General Pressure Washing

Roof Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning Service

Window Cleaning Services

Exteriors of Residential and Commercial Properties

Full Pressure Wash House Service

We are incredibly proud of our service in Bradenton and the local area and love all of the wonderful feedback we receive from our customers and clients. Below we have outlined our major service areas within the Bradenton area and you will be sure to find 5 star reviews from customers from all areas on our reviews page.
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ProClean Power Washing Experts in Bradenton
Palma Sola Pressure Washing

Palma Sola Pressure Washing

Named after a lone palm tree, the Palma Sola area is a historic community that has some of the most beautiful residences in the Bradenton area. Bordering the Manatee river this area is particularly liable to dirt and silt that builds up on the side of properties, it is also full of an abundance of wildlife that can prove troublesome when moss accumulates on roof tiles and in guttering. For an estimate on pressure washing in Palma Sola, give us a call today!
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Bradenton Beach Pressure Washing

Bradenton beach is a bustling beach community that is loved by local residents and tourists alike. With the international airport in relatively close proximity and the sand from the beaches, the Bradenton beach area is liable to pollution and debris that needs to be carefully washed from the wonderful beach side houses. If you are in the boat load of people who need power washing in Bradenton Beach, give our company a call today to learn about our services.
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Bradenton Beach Pressure Washing
Samoset Pressure Washing

Samoset Pressure Washing

Samoset is a smaller and quieter community within the Bradenton area. It is also a diverse and much loved community that has many wonderful homes. Like Bradenton as a whole it is unfortunate to suffer from debris and sand that is swept in from the coastal areas and pollution that comes from neighboring areas. Like many of our customers, you may need to consider a professional power washing service in Samoset to keep the exterior of your home clean.
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Palmetto Pressure Washing

Samoset is a smaller and quieter community within the Bradenton area. It is also a diverse and much loved community that has many wonderful homes. Like Bradenton as a whole it is unfortunate to suffer from debris and sand that is swept in from the coastal areas and pollution that comes from neighboring areas. If you are in need of exterior house cleaning services, such as gutter cleaning or power washing in Palmetto, give us a call!
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Palmetto Pressure Washing

Power Washing in Anna Maria Island

Making home and business exteriors shine like diamonds on the Gulf of Mexico is what we do best! Since 1999 ProClean has been blasting grit, grime, and seagull poop off windows, siding, and rooftops on Anna Maria Island. Our rates are affordable, so everyone that wants pressure washing services can comfortably acquire them. We highly suggest professional power washing services when you want enhanced curb appeal and protection for your outer surfaces. You won't believe the results until you see them for yourself. We use high-quality detergents without disrupting the ecosystem or making pets sick. Won't you give us a shot today for power washing on Anna Maria Island?
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Venice Power Washing

Venice, Florida, is a charming beach town located along the Gulf Coast in Sarasota County. The city has miles of sandy beaches and warm, turquoise waters - making it a great spot for swimming, sunbathing and beach activities. 

We think you should spend time enjoying the great outdoors and leave power washing in Venice to our team. We'll have your house sparkling by the time the days through!
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pressure washing venice fl
pressure washing lakewood ranch

Pressure Washing in Lakewood Ranch

Are you tired of dealing with a dirty-looking home exterior? We understand. Our company specializes in whole house pressure washing services in Lakewood Ranch FL. That means that your rooftop down to your driveway can be cleaned. When you're away at the annual Golf Academy Advanced Summer Gold Camp with your kiddo, we can be scrubbing your home. You'll be amazed by how awesome it looks when you return. Our crew only uses top-of-the-line tools and equipment. The detergents we use are eco-friendly, so you don't have to worry about plants and wildlife being harmed. Our prices? They're next to nothing compared to other companies.
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Bayshore Gardens Pressure Washing

Bayshore Gardens has the benefit of being ideally located beside the beach and coastal area as well as having fantastic views across the bay area. Like Bradenton Beach, this means Bayshore Gardens is also subject to a lot of storm and sand damage that can cause property surfaces to wear away. In order to protect your property, the experts t ProClean Pressure Washing Bradenton recommend routine pressure washing in Bayshore Gardens.
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Bayshore Gardens Pressure Washing
pressure washing west bradenton fl

South Bradenton & West Bradenton Pressure Washing

Both south and west Bradenton are busy metropolis areas with desirable real estate and lots of interesting places to visit for natives and tourists. Being well connected they have a lot of pollutants from congestion within the city limits and also have the Bradenton specific issue of hot Florida sunshine, sand and storms that cause discoloration and abrasion on house and property exteriors.

As you can see our service areas are numerous so if you live in the Bradenton or surrounding areas and haven’t found your location on our list, the chances are that we will still be able to provide pressure washing Bradenton services in your area. 

To find out fill out our simple enquiry form or call us on (941) 242-7501 for a FREE no obligation quote.
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Reliable, Affordable, and Efficient

ProClean Pressure Washing of Bradenton is the most reliable, affordable, and efficient pressure washing company in the entire southeastern Florida area. We take great pride in ensuring that all our customers receive the personalized, skilled pressure washing services that their house or commercial building needs, whether that’s for a sprawling Canton family home or a small Ypsilanti storefront.

Servicing Entire Bradenton Area

ProClean Pressure Washing of Bradenton proudly serves virtually every city in the Bradenton area, from Dexter to Plymouth Township and all the way down to Saline. We know how dirty a home or business can get when it’s situated close to the airport or the increased traffic in and out of MSU, and understand what it takes to cut through dirt and grime that’s left over after a wet Florida spring.

High Quality Services

Our soft wash pressure cleaning methods are designed to tackle the thickest dirt as well as damaging silt and grit, without harming a structure’s windows, siding, or brick. The cleansers used for our soft wash services are specifically designed to cut through even the worst caked-on mud and dust so that everything can then be gently rinsed away. The structure of your home is then left spotlessly clean and pristine!


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